Experiences to live in Thailand

Living experiences means moving from spectator to protagonist, that is, active tourism. This is a selection of the funniest offer in Thailand.

Don’t forget the hill tribes! a unique opportunity, read later this post (open in a new tab, slowtravel.fun).

We suggest you do not miss the elephants: offer them welcome snacks, walk through the forest and, if possible, share the bath in the river.

Elephant camp, Chiang Mai.
Elephant camp, Chiang Mai

In some camps you can ride the elephant bareback, so you can feel the skin and hairs of your elephant, also the slow movement and his or her unique personality. After this experience you will love them, even more.

It is imperative always to choose companies that guarantee the best care for their pachyderms.
Further information in the post about elephant camps.

Hiking in the tropical forest

In Thailand there are more than 100 national parks that occupy more than 50,000km2, roughly 10% of the country. They include mountains, swamps, canals, marshes, waterways, lakes, islands and the mangrove on the seashore.

Chiang Dao National Park, Chiang Mai.
Chiang Dao National Park, Chiang Mai

Protected areas to preserve their natural state as well as to facilitate the education of the population and its enjoyment in a sustainable way.
An excellent opportunity in the whole territory to learn and have fun in the tropical forest.

Lush wet forest in Chiang Rai.
Lush wet forest in Chiang Rai
Chiang Dao National Park, Chiang Mai.
Chiang Dao National Park, Chiang Mai
Chiang Dao National Park, Chiang Mai.
Offering to the spirits of the forest

Many parks have signposted tracks and trails, although having an expert guide will provide greater security, you will be able to discover hidden living beings for inexperienced eyes, make offerings to the spirits, learn to survive in a hostile environment and fully enjoy the adventure.

Cycling in the cities, mountains and among rice fields

You will have this offer practically everywhere since cycling is one of the favourite sports of the Thais. It includes even Bangkok and its surroundings.

Cyclists on the esplanade of Sanam Luang, Bangkok.
Sanam Luang esplanade, Bangkok

Bangkok city and outskirts, the nature trails along the coast, Chiang Mai and Sukhothai, for example, are ideal places to ride a bike.

The secondary roads and dirt roads provide a wonderful environment to enjoy this sport in the countryside, on the plain among rice fields and climbing the hills. Available for all levels and suitable for families.

Zipline in the lush forest canopy

Zip-wiring is a leisure activity that takes place in forests, on steep slopes. You take advantage of the force of gravity to slide through the canopy down the hillside.

Zipline, Chiang Mai.
Zipline, Chiang Mai

Remember that it calls for gentle but continuous exertion and is perfectly safe providing you follow the instructions of the accompanying guides.
For further information, please click on this post about zipline.

Exciting whitewater rafting

Descending a whitewater river on a raft or in a canoe is an exciting sport but not completely risk-free.

Whitewaters in the forest of Chiang Mai.
Forest in Chiang Mai

In Thailand, rainy weather leads to fast-flowing rivers at many times of the year, thereby providing an opportunity for both experienced enthusiasts of this sport and for those who would just like to try.
Further information in this post about rafting.

Tempting cooking courses

One of the most popular and highly rated activities travellers mention after a trip to Thailand is cookery courses.

Cooking course, Blue Elephant School.
Cooking course, Blue Elephant School

These usually start with a visit to a vegetable garden or fresh produce market, where the main characteristics of the ingredients used in Thai cuisine are explained in detail.

Find out all about the most exciting aspects of Thai cuisine and learn to create some of the traditional dishes in your own wok.
For further information, please click on this post about cookery courses.

Pum Thai Cooking School
Pum Thai Cooking School
Thai dish cooked in a course.
Thai dish cooked in a course
Course at the Pum cooking school.
Participants of a course at the Pum school.

Scuba diving and snorkelling

Water sports activities and courses are available on almost all beaches, including scuba diving – a fascinating sport that requires specific know-how and skills to do it correctly and safely.

Scuba divers in the sea
Scuba divers

There are many excellent options for diving in Thailand, be it an experienced diver or looking for a beginner course to get started in guaranteed safety conditions.
For further information, please click on this post about scuba diving.

Liveaboard in paradise

Thailand viewed from the sea: the coast and its underwater universe, a fantastic voyage on a modern and well-equipped boats.

Ship for liveaboard

It’s particularly recommended for scuba divers although it is also a memorable and fun experience for non-divers accompanying them. They can enjoy snorkel.
For further information, please click on this post about liveaboard.

Scuba divers start diving.
Scuba divers in the Andaman Sea
Ship deck, after diving.
Ship deck, after diving
Thai massage.
Thai massage

Massages to pamper yourself

One of the most appealing and inexpensive activities that every tourist should try in Thailand is a massage.

Foot massage.
Foot massage

At noon or when you need to relax a bit, you will find that there is no better place than a room with dim lighting, relaxing music, air conditioning and hands that take care of you gently.
Further information in this post about Thai massages.

Spas, luxury relax

Within the range of leisure activities available in Thailand, spas offer an unequalled opportunity to wind down and to allow yourself to be pampered.

Massage in a spa.
Massage in a spa

There is a wide variety of treatments, but all of them have in common the delicacy of the masseurs. Spas in Thailand are not necessarily related to activities in the water.

They are very well equipped premises that offer a higher quality service.
Further information and nice video in this post about spas.

Golf for enthusiasts

Golf courses usually have on-site hotel facilities and swimming pools making for a pleasant stay for those who want to focus on their favourite sport.

Golf course in Thailand.
Golf course in Thailand

The other option is for visitors to stay at a hotel in the town and to travel to the golf course each day – this way the rest of the time they can enjoy the different leisure, entertainment, cultural and gastronomic options available.

For further information, please click on this post about golf.

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