Top things to see and do in Bangkok

Soak up your 2-3 days visit to Bangkok

How to plan an unforgettable short visit to Bangkok. Places of interest, attractions and leisure areas

What to see and do in Bangkok?

Overview of this amazing capital, what it offers and the places you shouldn't miss.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok.
Tourist areas

Which and how are they? You will spend most of your time there, moving from one to another. Look at this summary and the location map.

Getting your bearings

Much easier with the information, suggestions and maps of Bangkok that we offer here. Using public transport whenever possible is a good idea.

Interesting places in Bangkok

Some places that might be cool for you, to fill the program in Bangkok.

Mae Klong train market
Bangkok surroundings

The most attractive places around Bangkok, to visit during the day, along with a location map.

The Best Floating markets

A star visit in the capital, heritage of the classic Bangkok. There are several options within and about one hour from the city.

Top Street markets

Social life takes place in street markets, full of colour and authentic local flavour. Donยดt miss them.

10 Superb shopping malls

Thais love to shop, eat and enjoy free time, even just for a walk in the mall.

The impressive Chinatown

A real little piece of China in Bangkok. Busy all day, vibrant at night, although they go-to bed not too late.

The Famous Khaosan Road

Ideal for backpackers, with a lively and international ambience.

An unforgettable night in Bangkok

The 24 hours of the day in Bangkok are not too many, so you should also think about the night program ... fun, fun, fun.

Public transport on the Chao Phraya River

Practical as a means of transport, the boats offer a different view of the city.

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