Visit the elephants, better in a rescue and care camps

Maybe it’s because of their size or their good-natured, or because they are grass-eaters and therefore we don’t see them as a threat. Whatever the reason, the fact is that we find elephants incredibly endearing.

Elephants in the culture of Southeast Asia are like horses in Western countries. In both cases, it is very important to always choose companies that guarantee the best care for their animals.

Elephant camp.

In Thailand, the elephants you are likely to see are the kind used to please visitors. For many of them, that is probably the best solution as long as they are kept in good conditions and suitably treated.
On the other hand, these visits provide livelihoods for the mahouts (caretakers) and their families.

Elephant camp in Chiang Mai

Two options.
Stroll bareback through the forest on an elephant (without wooden seat), always avoiding the hot asphalt that makes them suffer.
ou can also accompany the elephants without having to ride them.

Sharing the bath with them in the river is one of the personal experiences that travellers value more about their trip to Thailand.
This excursion will increase your admiration and respect for them.

Always remember to check the reviews of other travellers to ensure that the elephants receive good care.

Elephant camp.

Elephants are, without any doubt, our great giant friends, always symbolize good things; they are always on our side. Strong, loyal, patient and protective – a thoroughly decent creature.

In Southeast Asia, until the advent of motorised contraptions, the elephant was a mainstay in the economy as well as in war. Today, rainforests have been depleted by deforestation and more and more farmers work with machines.

Armed conflicts have fortunately disappeared, or nearly so.
So you can easily imagine what has happened to elephants.

In the Far East, they still put their trust in elephants’ symbolic force to overcome the greatest difficulties in business, to protect their homes and to bring them luck.
Ganesha, whose head is that of an elephant, is one of the most popular gods in the Hindu pantheon and brings prosperity and good luck to those who worship him.

That said, the visit to the elephants is fun for all ages and you will have a great time.

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Visit the elephants, better in a rescue and care camps
The pachyderms are as big as tender, this is a visit not to be missed, especially the bath in the river, and always take good care of them! Here we show you how to do it.
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Manuel Francisco Jalón

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