Spas, luxury relaxation

Within the range of leisure activities available in Thailand, spas offer an unequalled opportunity to wind down and be pampered.

Fah Lanna Spa, Chiang Mai.
Fah Lanna Spa, Chiang Mai

There is a whole variety of treatments but all of them have in common the delicateness of the masseuses and the interest they taken in ensuring that their client’s experience is as gratifying as possible.

When we think of a spa, the idea that immediately comes to mind is peace and relaxation in a beautiful, harmonious setting; a place in which we are going to be looked after and pampered.

Health Lanna Spa, Chiang Mai.
Health Lanna Spa, Chiang Mai

In general, traditional techniques are combined with the most modern technology, oils and medicinal herbs, hydrotherapy, saunas or infrared treatments.
Sometimes treatments are accompanied by meditation or yoga sessions, searching to re-establish the equilibrium between mind and body.

Water and towel for customers.
Massage in a spa.

The spaces are meticulously designed down the very last detail, creating an ambience that encourages relaxation and well-being right from the start.

Orientala spa, Phuket.
Orientala spa, Phuket

Normally each spa has its own speciality and the different services and their prices are specified in the spa brochure.

Spas in Thailand are not necessarily related to water, they depend on the treatment.

The masseuses are highly-skilled. You will feel like you have been really delighted.

Oasis Spa, Phuket.
Oasis spa, Phuket

Finally, if the spa is a long way from the hotel where you are staying they will collect you at the arranged time and take you back when the session is over.

Enjoy yourself!

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Spas, luxury relaxation
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