Extension of your permit or visa to stay in Thailand

***During this exceptional and unstable period, any question regarding entry into the country must be updated at the corresponding embassy.***

You can extend your stay in Thailand by requesting the extension of your permit or visa for an additional 30 days at the immigration offices in Bangkok.
To obtain this extension, you must go to the immigration complex, located north of the city, near Don Mueang International Airport.

You can take a taxi directly or approach first with the MRT subway (Chatuchak station, Exit 2) or with the BTS Skytrain (Mo Chit station, Exit 3) and, at the exit, take a taxi.
It is located 14 km (25 minutes) from the MRT and BTS stations.

*** Long stay visits 20202021
Under the STV program, long-stay visitors can stay in the country for 90 days, which can be extended twice, each for an additional 90 days. The visa will cost 2,000 baht for each extension.
This program is expected to go into effect after the official announcement and will be available until September 30, 2021.
The STV will be granted to long-stay visitors who comply with the preventive and control measures of COVID-19 in Thailand at all times: An alternative local state quarantine (ALSQ) of 14 days upon the arrival (update before travelling). They must also justify their long-term residence by booking accommodation, rental agreement or ownership of a condominium.
Source: tatnews.org / September 2020

Government Complex in Bangkok.
Government Complex in Bangkok.

You have to take with you:

» The passport.
» A photo.
» The immigration card received upon entering the country (T.M. Departure card).
» Photocopy of passport. Page with photo and personal data (Bio Data).
» Photocopy of passport. Page with the stamp of the last entry and the Visa, if you have it.
» Photocopy of the immigration card (T.M. Departure card).
» You will need the address of your residence in Thailand, as complete as possible, and a Thai contact phone number.

You can make photocopies at the same immigration complex, but you will waste time and have to queue more during the procedure.

In the immigration offices, they will provide you with the corresponding form: Extension of the stay for tourism.

Departure card of the immigration form..
Extension of the stay for tourism, application form sheet 1..
Extension of the stay for tourism, application form sheet 2.


1. Pick up the application form at the information desk.
2. Fill in the application form and prepare the required documents.
3. Hand in the request to get the ticket with your queue number. Now, wait and pay attention to the calls.
4. Start the procedure at the assigned counter, when your number is called.
5. The officer verifies the documents and proceeds with the extension. You have to pay 1,900 baht (attention to possible rate updates). Wait again.
6. Pick up your passport when your number is called again.

Whether the permit is granted or not, the application fee is non-refundable.

Information that you must specify in the application form:

Immigration Office: GOVERNMENT COMPLEX
Date month year: __
Last name: __
Middle name: __ Age: __ Date of birth: __ Month: __ Year: __
Place of birth: __ Nationality: __
Passport number: __
Date of issue, Day: __ Month: __ Year: __ Date of issue: __
Valid until, Day: __ Month: __ Year: __
Arrived by (mode of transport): __ From: __
Port of arrival: __ Date: __ Month: __ Year: __
Arrival / Departure Card: __
Request an extension …: 30 days
Reason for extension: TOURISM
Thai phone number: __
Address in Thailand: __
Street number. __ Road: __ Tambon / Khwaeng: __ Amphoe / Khet: __ Changwat: __
This form is written by: __
Firm: __

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Extension of your permit or visa to stay in Thailand
Where to go and how is the procedure to extend your permit or visa for 30 days, in Bangkok
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