Chiang Mai, fun venues

Chiang Mai has an unbeatable location for active tourism, in the city and the valleys that surround it, in addition to the various entertainment venues.

Khum Khantoke, Lanna style restaurant.
Khum Khantoke, Lanna style restaurant

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Cooking course in the market.
Elephant camp near Chiang Mai
Zipline near Chiang Mai.
Zipline near Chiang Mai

The hot springs and geysers are always curious, and children will enjoy sharing the local tradition of boiling eggs in the pool, so the place is family friendly.
An excellent option to spend a day or a half.

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Sankhampaeng Hot Springs.
Sankhampaeng Hot Springs

Wat Buppharam (families)

This monastery has in particular that in its garden you will find quite a few animal statues and among them one of the Donald Duck. Suitable for visits with children.
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Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai.
Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai

Elephant Poopoopaper Park (families)

Opening hours: Sunday to Saturday 09h00 to 17h30 Link.

The word “poop” is always fun for children, although depending on the context it can make adults uncomfortable. So elephant poop sounds very good.
Here you learn how to make eco-friendly recycled paper, precisely with the poop of elephants.

Siam Insect zoo (families)

Opening hours: Daily from 09h00 to 17h00 (update before the visit) Link.

An open insect world to see, learn and enjoy with alive beetles, stick insect, Mantis, Scorpions, Spiders and a relaxing Butterfly garden.
It includes a world insect exhibiting entomology.

Chiang Mai Night Safari (families)

The star of the park is a train journey after dark, during which some animals come looking for snacks.

Opening hours: Daily from 11h00 to 22h00. Tours, English version

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Night Safari, Chiang Mai.
Night Safari, Chiang Mai

Art in Paradise

This museum plays with art to create sensory illusions, that is, perceptions in three dimensions that are curious and fun. A good alternative for a rainy day.

Tiger Kingdom

A small zoo where visitors can get close to the Tigers, they can even touch them from inside the cages.
Opening hours: Daily from 08h00 to 17h00.

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The Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai.
The Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai

Khum Khantoke, Lanna restaurant with a dance show

Experience Lanna dining with “Khantoke” or “Toke”, around rattan tray, serving various kinds of authentic northern Lanna dishes and also Thai food. As you enjoy the tasty food, you will be entertained by spectacular and fabulous classical dances from northern Thailand and from around the nation.

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Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai.
Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai
Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai.
Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai
Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai.
Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai

Nightlife in Chiang Mai (includes a map)

Discover the nightlife in Chiang Mai, whether in live music venues or lively bars with a welcoming atmosphere, is a good choice for all evenings in the city.

Thanon Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai
Thanon Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai

 If you are travelling with friends on a tight budget, you may come across a custom that is quite widespread and helps to make the night a little cheaper.
That is to buy a bottle of Thai whisky or rum at the bar, together with the refreshments, and share it among you at one of their tables. Obviously, that is not acceptable in all bars.

Around the old city, Chiang Mai.
Around the old city, Chiang Mai

We suggest six main areas, as shown in the following map.

» A – The Thanon Nimmanhaemin area with its fashion boutiques, bars, restaurants and clubs, such as the Warm Up or the Monkey Club.
If you want to enjoy a glass of red wine from Chile or California, come to this area.

» B – Rachadamonen Road is the main street downtown and here you will find restaurants, bars with live music and entertainment zones.

Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai
Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai

» C – In the vicinity of the old town, next to the moat, where there are many places such as the Gossip or Brasserie. Live music in popular venues.

» D – And what would be the red-light district is found on Loi Kroh Road, which starts from the eastern wall of the old city and runs along the street as far as the Night Bazaar. With bars, pool tables, spicy shows, etc.

» EThe Night Bazaar. The most popular area to combine shopping with dinner.

» F – On the banks of the river Ping there are many other trendy venues such as The Good View or The Riverside.

Chiang Mai Nightlife Areas.
Chiang Mai Nightlife Areas
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