Zipline, fly in the canopy of the tropical forest

The zipline is a leisure activity that takes place in forests, on steep slopes.

A zip-wire or Tyrolean crossing consists of a pulley and bar which slide down a suspended cable mounted on a sloping plane. They are designed so that the force of gravity provides the inertia that moves the pulley.

Remember that it calls for gentle but continuous exertion and is safe providing you follow the instructions of the accompanying guides.



They are a common sight in military exercises, but here the idea is to have funย doing some light exercise, although for some length of time โ€“ in natural surroundings.

Forest and zipline.

The descent usually lasts over two hours and the package may include various stages in order to make the activity more enjoyable.

Companies make restrictions about maximum and minimum weight allowed, as well as for people with certain medical conditions, such as a heart or back disorders. Make sure that is not applicable to you.

Net of ropes.

Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and closed footwear are a must, as are comfortable clothes. You can put away yourย camera on a belt.
After that, you can start pretending to be Tarzan and enjoy yourself.

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Zipline, fly in the canopy of the tropical forest
Fun in a splendid environment ๐Ÿ˜ taking advantage of the force of gravity, let us show you why and remember... It is important to choose a reliable company, see always user reviews.
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Manuel Francisco Jalรณn

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