Save money on your purchases. VAT Refund

Read this post before you start shopping.

As a foreigner living abroad, you have the option to save money when you go shopping. Keep this in mind and take a look at how to do it.

Only goods, not services such as hotel bills, are eligible for a VAT refund, 7% in Thailand.

Maybe it is not a large amount, but you can use this money for a tasty meal while you wait for your flight or to buy a last-minute gift.
Of course, it is possible to change the money to the currency of your country.

Let’s see how to do it.

1. When you go shopping:

» Products must be purchased at stores that show the VAT-REFUND sign.
» The store clerk must complete the VAT Refund Application for Tourist, P.P.10 (yellow colour).

Take into account that:

» The minimum purchase value in each store must be 2,000 baht or more (VAT included).
» The traveller must take the goods out of Thailand within 60 days from the date of purchase. The purchase date is counted as the first day.

VAT Refund Application form.
VAT Refund Application form.

2. When you leave the country:

» Before entering the international zone of the airport (before going through the scanner) go to the Customs office.
Show the yellow forms P.P.10 and the goods purchased (they can inspect all of them, especially luxury ones) to obtain the Customs stamp.
Without the stamp, VAT refund will not be possible.

» After passing through the immigration checkpoint, with P.P.10 forms stamped and with luxury items on hand (if any), go to the VAT refund office to recover the tax money.
Luxury items (jewellery, gold ornaments, watches, glasses or pens whose value exceeds 10,000 baht) must be taken by hand to be re-inspected at the VAT Refund Office.

For further details click here.

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Save money on your purchases. VAT Refund
Traveling to Thailand? Are you going to do some shopping? Then save money, look here! We explain how to get the VAT refund, step by step.
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