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Travelling is a gift

Suggestions that might be interesting to live a unique trip.

Sharing the bath in the river with the elephants is a beautiful experience.
Experiences to live in Thailand

We show you a selection of the most refreshing offer in Thailand.

Battles of water are an essential part of the Songkran celebration.
The five funniest festivals

Do not miss the opportunity to attend these amusing festivals if the dates of your trip allow it.

Young people of the Lahu tribe working in the hills.
Who are the lovely hill tribes?

They are cheerful and ready to receive you with extreme hospitality. A great personal experience. This is a SLOW TRAVEL post, so it will be open in a new tab.

Koh Phi Phi beach.

Beaches with a tropical night party ambience, ideal to enjoy with friends.

A young couple enjoying the sunrise with a romantic attitude.
Do you have a romantic plan?

Sometimes, the trip is not just a trip, it is an exciting time in your life and that is a fantastic opportunity.

Fashion night market in Bangkok
Bangkok nightlife, 5 ideas for fun

Obviously, it depends on your travel style, in any case, Bangkok offers you exciting suggestions for your nightlife.

Muay Thai is deeply rooted in Thai culture.

If you are curious about Muay Thai, knowing what happens in the ring will make you enjoy the evening much more. Brief and easy.

Renowned Buddhist monastery in Chiang Mai.
Will you visit Buddhist temples? Please read me

With a little knowledge about the Buddhist monasteries, their parts and meaning, your visit will be more intense, believe us. This is a SLOW TRAVEL post, so it will be open in a new tab.

Girls dancing traditional Thai dance.
What Thai dances tell us?

Traditional Thai dances are soft and elegant. We explain what the dances tell us, their movements and gestures. This is a SLOW TRAVEL post, so it will be open in a new tab.

Monastery Yai Chai Mongkol, Ayutthaya, former capital of the Kingdom of Siam.
Remember the wealthy and exotic kingdom of Siam

The Kingdom of Siam evokes the exotic oriental luxury, if you feel like knowing it a little more, you can do it in Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Durian stall in a market, a famous and controversial tropical fruit.
5 tropical fruits that you can't miss

Thailand is rich in tropical fruits, but among all there are five that stand out and you should not miss. Just smell them, feel the texture and try, even just a little.

A suggestion of a challenge with the spiciest snacks.
What is the beast of snacks?

We have made a selection of the strongest snacks, but only one is... unbearable.

The way to reveal the prophecy of the traveller.
Guess your prophecy

You will see and hear them in many temples, but not always the ancient Chinese prophecy is in English. In this case, you have this post.

Khao Sok National Park.
Khao Sok: jungle, water and fun

This natural park is really splendid and is ideal to spend at least a couple of very fun days in nature. This stage can be combined very well with the stay on the beaches of both coasts.

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