Scuba diving, enjoy an underwater paradise

Thailand is a tropical country with roughly two thousands of miles of coastline and, logically, this combination results in numerous scuba diving areas, both on the Andaman Sea and on the Gulf of Thailand.

An excellent destination whether you are an experienced diver or looking for a beginner’s course to have a try at it.

Scuba diver.

Water sports activities and courses are available at all of the beaches, including scuba diving – a fascinating sport that requires specific know-how and skills.

This sports activity is based on modern, safe technology and nowadays can be carried out with only minimal risk so that you can focus your attention on the fascinating underwater world. Scuba diving does, however, require control and caution on the part of divers.

The basic introductory course to scuba diving is called “open waters” and there are companies that offer it at practically all of the beaches. The courses usually last 3 or, better, 4 days and include a theoretical part in which the basic principles of scuba diving and underwater safety measures are explained.

Training in a swimming pool.

Diving in confined water and in open waters is carried out gradually so that divers can get used to the element and the diving equipment.

Resting after diving.
Scuba diving.

As in all activities that involve a certain degree of risk, it is very important to hire the services of reputable, specialized companies and never make a choice based just on the price or a hurried decision.

Scuba diving.

The certification of the course requires that instructors ensure that they have transmitted the fundamental knowledge and attitudes, as well as the successful completion of a series of dives and exercises.
You also have to study, yes, there is no other choice.

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Scuba diving, enjoy an underwater paradise.
Interesting article and video with information and suggestions for the practice of bottle diving in Thailand, the gateway to an incredible universe.
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Manuel Francisco Jalón

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