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Check that you know everything you need

All the nuts and bolts of travelling in Thailand

10 Quick tips for your holidays in Thailand

They are very practical, so you probably remember them more than once during your trip to Thailand.

Chao Phraya River, Bangkok.
Check list, to revise before leaving

List to go over a week before the start of the trip to Thailand, along with information and tips to keep in mind. Don't forget anything important!

Climate of Thailand, When to travel?

A country with three seasons: the dry season, very hot summer and the monsoon season.

Preserve your health during the trip

Thailand is a tropical country and if you are not adapted to this environment, you should be careful to minimize the risks.

Means of transport

Super useful information, tips and links to organize trips during your stay in Thailand.

How do people drive in Thailand?

Here you have an excellent video that explains what is unique about driving in Thailand and tips for foreigners who come for the first time.

Save money on your purchases. VAT Refund

Shopping in Thailand? We explain how to get the VAT refund.

Extension of your permit or visa in Thailand

Where to go and how is the procedure to extend your permit or visa 30 days, in Bangkok.

Time zone
  • Bangkok, Thailand
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