Liveaboard, Thailand has heaven underwater

Thailand viewed from the sea, the splendid coast and its underwater universe, a fantastic voyage on modern, well-equipped boats.

It is particularly recommended for scuba divers although it is also a memorable and fun experience for non-divers accompanying them.

Similan islands.
Similan islands

The idea is quite simple: spend at least one night on board a boat that tours the coasts of Thailand, taking the opportunity provided by means of transport to visit the best country’s marine parks such as this one in the Similan Islands.

Similan islands.
Snorkelling in the sea.

To give you an idea of the possibilities of this means of transport you can visit magnificent islands and beaches from sunrise to sunset, which are special times of day when the light recreates a feeling of paradise and there are hardly any tourists around or at least fewer than when the speedboats arrive with day excursionists.

There are different types of boats and different itineraries but all of them are equipped to attend passenger’s needs, providing food, cabin accommodation or scuba and snorkelling equipment.

Similan island.
Diving boat.
Diving boat.

Usually, most of the passengers go scuba diving, making the most of all the opportunities during the boat trip but at the same time, it is quite likely that not all of the members of the group are scuba divers. There is always an alternative plan for them, such as snorkelling, exploring beaches, swimming or sunbathing.


Liveaboard is perhaps the best way to travel to see Thailand as a veritable tropical paradise.

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Liveaboard, Thailand has heaven underwater
Journeys across the sea with two or more stages, specially designed for diving enthusiasts, although snorkelling is enough to live awe-inspiring days.
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Manuel Francisco Jalón

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