Outstanding destinations, What to visit in Thailand?


Excellent information to make the best decisions (Bangkok has its own section).

Chiang Mai, main reference in northern Thailand

Its friendly atmosphere makes visitors feel nice. Highly recommended city and starting point in the north of the country.

Chiang Rai, a beautiful place also in the north

It is worth visiting the city and especially the province because of the impressive nature, the hill tribes and some curious monasteries.

Sukhothai, the dawn of happiness

The capital of the kingdom for a century is located in a beautiful and quiet rural environment.

Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam

Near Bangkok, Ayutthaya was the centre of the universe for the people of the Kingdom of Siam for four hundred years.

Gulf of Thailand Beaches

Magnificent beaches and islands not far from Bangkok.

Andaman Sea Beaches

A stunning coast with authentic natural jewels.

Mae Hong Son, a paradise among mountains

In the northwest of the country, the mountains show a dreamlike landscape, which is improved by the people who inhabit it.

Pai, trendy destination to enjoy nature

Located west of Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son province, it stands out for its rich nature and young ambience.

Isaan, the hospitable northeast of Thailand

Out of the most common itineraries, the visit will bring joy and make your trip special.

Other destinations

They may be interesting for you, take a glance to check it out.

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