5 tropical fruits that you can’t miss

A fruit that leaves no one indifferent, passionate about some and deeply dislikes others. In fact, it is forbidden to consume it in closed public places such as the Bangkok subway.
The truth is that he does not usually like it immediately, it has a butter-like texture that surprises and makes it necessary to give it some time. A challenge.


Its flowers are pollinated by bats and it contains an enzyme that paralyzes the breakdown of alcohol, so it is a very bad idea to consume a large amount both products simultaneously, you could die.

Java apple

It is known as ‘rose apple‘, although it really is not an apple but a tropical fruit. Its meat is spongy and dry, without having an intense flavour.

Java apple.
Java apple

Snake fruit

Because the skin evokes that of a snake. Its pointed hairs make it have to be stripped very carefully. Peeled looks like sugar candy. It comes from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Fruit of the snake.
Fruit of the snake


Sweet and fleshy fruit, such as lychee.
Its name comes from the Chinese, where it means a dragon’s eye due to its once peeled appearance. It adapts very well to dry and nutrient-poor soils.


Dragon Fruit ๐Ÿ˜‹ unmissable 2

The plant is a cactus that comes from Central America, although here they think it comes from Vietnam. The meat can be white or pink and its texture reminds of kiwi. The flower of the plant is white and opens only at night.

Dragon fruit.
Dragon fruit


Cultivated in Asia for more than 4,000 years, there are about 40 species of mango. In Thailand, green is consumed in salads and ripe as part of one of the most popular desserts, with rice and coconut milk (mango sticky rice).


Mangosteen ๐Ÿ˜‹ unmissable 3

You must peel very gently pressing with your fingers so as not to damage the delicate fruit inside, reminiscent of a garlic head. Sweet and soft texture, a delight.



It is the largest citrus, native to Southeast Asia. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes fortune and success.
The fragrance of its leaves makes them used in the production of perfumes.


Jackfruit ๐Ÿ˜‹ unmissable 4

A fruit that can reach a huge size and weigh up to 45 kg.
The texture of the meat is smooth, soft and firm.
When it is green it is used in stews and curried dishes. Its seeds can be eaten roasted.
Time ago was used as a yellow dye for the habits of Buddhist monks.



This fruit is part of the most genuine Thai cuisine, papaya salad is one of its jewels.
This is why it is very likely that Thais do not believe you, if you tell them that papaya came from Acapulco, in Mexico, following the route of the Manila Galleon, opened by the Spaniards.
For breakfast and as a dessert it is great for its sweet taste, and it is recommended to relieve stomach problems.



The juice of the fruit and its leaves are used very frequently in Thai cuisine: sauces, marinades, dressings and desserts, as well as for making very refreshing juices.
Not forgetting the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary and Daiquiri cocktails, among others.



It comes from Africa through India. It is consumed in sweets, candies and refreshing drinks. It is also used to make sauces.


Rambutรกn ๐Ÿ˜‹ unmissable 5

As with the Dragon fruit, it seems designed by Walt Disney, both for its appearance and for its touch. The aroma and texture of the fruit remind of lychee.


Bael Tree

It is a woody fruit that you will see dehydrated in Thai markets. It is used to make jam and sweet drinks, with caramel flavour.
It is considered a sacred fruit to be associated with the god Shiva, who likes the offerings with leaves of this tree. The nectar of its flowers is a delight for bees.

Bael Tree.
Bael Tree
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5 tropical fruits that you can't miss
Look at this selection of the most amazing, famous and appetizing fruits, we also highlight the five that are definitely worth trying.
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