Ancient Chinese prophecy

What prediction makes about your future?

It is common in temples to find a handful of numbered wooden sticks in a box with which to make predictions.
The procedure consists of shaking the container with the numbered sticks until one of them falls, which will determine the prophecy that corresponds to you.

Numbered sticks.

Take the first stick that falls and look at its number.

Here you have them. You can make a previous offering in the temple that propitiates a good prediction for you 😄

The intense goodness you have cultivated in a previous life will allow you to be happy and enjoy prosperity forever and ever.
Your honesty will bring good luck and also help your subordinates. Do not worry about the bad luck you face, it will soon be over.
Soon you will meet your debtors and some cousins ​​who had been missing for a long time. If you ask about a spouse, you are likely to find someone good, be he or she.
Your life will be full.

Prediction # 2

The number 2 means that you will succeed in what you are thinking.
You are prepared for what comes as a tree that is fading and that cools with the morning dew.
If you suffer from illness, you will improve. Your lost companions, relatives and debtors will come into contact.
Although you still cannot find a suitable partner, you will get another type of fortune. Luck and love will be yours soon, but you must be patient.
You will have a bright future.

Prediction # 3

The number 3 anticipates that you should consult the oldest of your family in everything and you should wait for the lover.
You are facing many problems. Success is yet to come. The enemies keep their eyes on you.
It seems that you are not happy at any time in your life, although you are fortunate to have food on your table and have a sofa to lie on.
If you are involved in a lawsuit, you will win the case.
Better if you refrain from looking for a partner for a while, otherwise, you will find a terrible husband or wife.

Prediction # 4

The 4 states that you are now unhappy. No one can help you. Be careful. You must think and do everything the right way.
You are loneliness like a little chick that moves away from its flock, which took so long to gather.
If you work as a team, it is harmful to you to be the leader. It is better to be a sponsor and be safe in case of an emergency, in the same way as the moon that sets when the sun rises.
You are likely to win the lawsuit in which he is involved.
What you want will not take long to come true. If you are expecting a baby, it is probably a child.

Prediction # 5

The number 5 says you’re lucky. Slowly but surely in love, do not hurry.
Do not worry, you are destined so that no one can harm you. But remember the old saying that nothing you want is free.
Be careful with flatterers. If you are looking for debtors who escape, they are still hard to find. Also, good fortune is far from your reach. You have to endure difficulties for a while. If you are expecting a baby, you probably have a daughter.

Searching their prophecy

Prediction # 6

The number 6 prevents you from being confused. Keep calm. Your disease will be completely cured. You will be happy to meet your cousins, friends and debtors, with whom you should not hesitate with your love.
It’s like your luck is on the opposite side of the river. If you could bear the difficulties of building a bridge, the happiness at the other end will be yours.
Be patient when the time comes, you will be rewarded with good fortunes. The older you get, the happier you will be. A widow seems to be the right partner for you because it will make your marriage enjoyable, carefree, rich and healthy.

Prediction # 7

Now that you are unlucky, it will take you a while to improve, be patient! Asking about your illness, enemies and lover, everything will be resolved. Your boss understands you and feels sorry for you.
The realization of merits and alms will favour you.

Prediction # 8

The number 8 says you’re lucky in everything.
Since you are insecure like a golden teak tree without a main root, it is better to make a statement without compromise. Do not be greedy or greedy, if you grab everything, you will lose everything. Be careful when talking and acting.

Prediction # 9

The number 9 tells you that you should not leave.
It is certain that the fish will once again be a dragon as it used to be. Head south and west like a ship sailing in the wind in search of good fortune and prosperity. Save your savings in the same way that you reserve water for the dry season and so you will be rich. You will recover the missing person you are looking for.

Prediction # 10

The number 10 tells us that it seems you fell from the tree. You can’t tell anything to someone while they sleep.
It will be difficult to find lost things.
The lover is satisfied. If you are looking for a baby, it will be a baby girl. There is rarely the possibility of finding your lost treasure, as well as the possibility of recovering from an illness
You are unlucky, so live your life carefully.


Prediction # 11

The number 11 says that you are very lucky. It seems that the full moon is cloudless. You will benefit from your behaviour in your previous life. Your lover, family and the debtor will be very good for you. You will win the lawsuit.

Prediction # 12

You are like a dumb being beaten and you could not express what you think. The help you receive is just an illusion like a dream that evaporates when you wake up.
Do not think about matching, otherwise, you will be in trouble.
However, you are still lucky that if you are involved in a lawsuit, you will win the case. A sincere partner will support your success in the profession. You may find cousins and friends that you have been separated from, but hardly find good fortune.

Prediction # 13

You are like a budding flower of a dry season without rain or water to water. However, don’t be discouraged and try to escape. Be patient and wait for opportunities, then you will win.
The 13 is a lucky number, the man who gets this number will be prosperous and full of property, dignity and success.
Asking about the disease, you are already recovered from the disease.

Prediction # 14

The number 14 asks you to be patient and not rush.
This unfavourable announcement is to notify you to be careful to relieve your anguish. Your destiny is like a turtle grabbing a piece of a wand in its mouth with a swan holding the other end, flew in search of food, but the turtle opened its mouth to curse and died.
Try not to commit evil acts. Everything will be fine.

Prediction # 15

The number 15 says you should take care of yourself. You will succeed in everything you do, especially commercial. If you are waiting for a baby, you will surely have a child.
Show respect and pray every day, you will be lucky.
Whoever throws the stick with this number will live a happy life every night and day.

Prediction sheets.

Prediction # 16

Extracting this number tells you that you will be happy without problems or suffering. Everything is great! The fortune you want is likely to come true. If you are sick, you will recover completely. Nothing is bad, everything is fine like a bright bright moon. About the lover, he or she is very good and honest with you.

Prediction # 17

Getting the number 17 means you’re going to get a great fortune. Your future is bright and success is yours. You are popular and everyone loves you. You will be happy in love and you will have a baby. Your friends, cousins ​​and debtors will come to see you with good news. You must be the winner of the lawsuit if it is ongoing. If you are expecting a child, it is certain that a baby will be born.

Prediction # 18

Taking out number 18 means that your fortune is enough, that it is not the worst, nor the best. You will live a peaceful life forever.
Do not think about doing a great project, which can confuse you and will cause you problems in the future. You have to wait for your hope including your lover. Your meritorious actions from the previous life will provide you with a happy and joyful life.

Prediction # 19

Your life is full of prosperity. Your difficulty is over, from now on your life will be pleasant and happy every night and day. However, you must respect and worship beneficial people, such as the triple gem (The Buddha, the Dharma or rules to follow and the Shanghai or community of monks), especially the revered monks and your parents, your goodness will allow you to have Good luck and happiness as soon as possible. Wherever you go, whoever you meet will respect you. The older you are, the better you will be.

Prediction # 20

Taking out number 20 tells us that you are like a person who got lost in the forest and has to make his way through the thorns. Fortunately, you have hurt yourself little because of your ingenuity and you finally reach your destination. The problems have a solution. If you are involved in a lawsuit and prepare it very carefully, you will not lose the case. You will recover from your illness.

Buddhist temples.

Prediction # 21

This number informs you about your good destiny, it is very likely that your life will be happy but difficulties will arise. Now you are like a passenger on a ship in the storm.
You will recover from an illness but you will lose the case if you are involved in a lawsuit. There is still some possibility of finding a spouse. If you want a baby, now is not the time.
Be sure to think and respect the people around you, this will make everything easier.

Prediction # 22

What this prognosis number is excellent, wherever it is, neither poverty nor problems could happen to it. You will not lack fortune and happiness. You will find a good wife. If you are involved in a lawsuit, do not worry, you will win the case. You will be as happy as a baby lulled by a protective babysitter.

Prediction # 23

Getting this number is indicative of a good destination, fortune will come to you. Working as a merchant is the best occupation for you. If you ask about your future spouse, you will find the best and have a happy marriage forever. If you are sick, you will recover completely.

Prediction # 24

Obtaining this number means that you will succeed in your life, although it requires more time to happen. At every step of your career you should have a good heart, like gradually climbing the stairs carefully until you reach the top. Then you will be happy, free from all sickness like a bright full moon. Your lover is uncertain. As for lost personal relationships, you will meet them again in the near future.

Prediction # 25

If you get this number it means that you probably feel tired and bored due to hard work, be careful, the harvest of what you sowed will come soon. Asking for fortune, you have to wait, it won’t be easy. A widow or a widower can be good as lovers, but don’t look for him. Be careful of the enemies around you.

Prediction # 26

The number 26 tells you that your destiny is complicated, fortune is difficult to achieve. Like a rower paddling all day to get daily earnings. Never think about having a spouse if you don’t want to be hurt. Take merit actions to help you be happier and improve your destiny.

Prediction # 27

You are like a huge ocean liner full of merchandise that always sails peacefully across the ocean every night and day. He who throws this number is lucky because he will often get his fortune. Respect your parents, elders, teachers and noble people, you will be happy. You will have a good marriage and if you are sick, you will recover completely.

Prediction # 28

It’s like being overwhelmed by a whirlwind that barely allows you to find good fortune. Your karma brings you difficulties and obstacles. Your life is tired like rolling a rock up the hill. However, your illness is not so serious. You are still quite far from finding a lover. Comply with the Dharma and do actions of merit to improve your future.

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