Rafting, unleash your adrenaline

Descending a whitewater river on a raft or in a canoe is an exciting sport but not completely risk-free.
In Thailand, rainy weather brings about to fast-flowing rivers at many times of the year, thereby providing an opportunity for both experienced enthusiasts of the sport and for those who would just like to try.

Rafting in Chiang Mai.

For obvious reasons, always choose a company that provides guarantees as to the safety measures required to do this activity.

Thailand is a tropical country washed by the monsoon, from May to October, which means that during the rainy season and in the following months, watercourses are abundant and plentiful.

Rainfall that sustains vigorous greenery and lush landscapes, which fertilize the earth and give life to its inhabitants.

The arrival of international holidaymakers has driven tourist service providers to include nature activities such as whitewater descents in their leisure programmes.

You need to hire the services of a competent specialist company. Make sure they meet international safety standards – they are not all the same, a fact that should not be overlooked.

The instructions are normally given in English, so if you do not speak the language quite fluently, it is imperative that you tell the people running the company before you close the deal.
Now all you have to do is to adjust your equipment, follow the guide’s orders and enjoy the river.

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Rafting, unleash your adrenaline
An adventure sport in the tropical forest of Thailand. We offer you good information and a useful video to take into account this exciting activity in nature.
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Manuel Francisco Jalón

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