Thai massages, what are they like?

One of the most appealing and inexpensive activities available in Thailand is a massage.

You can learn how to give massagesย if you would like to, but what you certainly should not miss doing is to actually receive one – they are a delight.

There are various different types and all cheap.

Massage shop.
Massage shop. Foot massage in the foreground

Foot massage extends along the leg to the knee and attempts to open energy lines and stimulate reflex points associated with various internal organs.
This massage improves circulation in the legs and encourages lymphatic drainage, thereby reducing muscle tension and providing a sense of relief and wellness.
It typically takes an hour and sometimes the masseuse dedicates the last 10 minutes to the hands and shoulders.

At noon, when the sun is beating down and you need to unwind a little, you will find there is no better place than a dimly lit room with air conditioning and delicately pampering hands.

Traditional Thai massage.
Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is based on the idea of restoring the energy balance in the body so that the masseur presses the points where energy builds up to distribute it more evenly. It also includes various stretching exercises.
The end result is both therapeutic and relaxing, you’ll see.
It usually lasts between one and two hours.

Massage with oil touches on almost the entire surface of the body, so apart from relaxing the muscles and releasing pent-up energy, it stimulates certain actions depending on which particular essence is used.

Oil massage

As part of the aromatherapy, the oil is absorbed through the skin and then its health-restoring properties, including the vitamins and minerals it contains, begin to act.
The delicate nature of a massage is part of its great appeal.

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Thai massages, what are they like?
Massages to take care of you, relax and enjoy yourself ๐Ÿ˜™. We tell you what they are like so that you can try them on your trip.
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