Are you passionate about golf? Here in Thailand is paradise

Thailand’s golf courses offer the opportunity to combine the practice of this sport with other leisure and cultural activities such as getting to know the local cuisine, shopping or visiting the country’s most emblematic spots. The result may be an unforgettable holiday.

Golf course in Phuket.

The best time of the year starts just after the rainy season, in November, and lasts for six months, up to the beginning of the Thai summer. During this period Thailand is a paradise for golfers, at a time when the climate is at its harshest in the countries in the northern hemisphere.

Golf course in Phuket.

Golf courses usually have on-site hotel facilities and swimming pools making for a pleasant stay for those who want to focus on their favourite sport.

Golf course in Phuket.

The other option is for visitors to stay at a hotel in the town and to travel to the golf course each day – this way the rest of the time they can enjoy the different leisure, entertainment, cultural and gastronomic options available.

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Are you passionate about golf? Here in Thailand is paradise.
Because this country is, especially from November to April, heaven. It will be a pleasure to combine some holes with everything that this exotic country offers you.
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Manuel Francisco Jalón

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