Hua Hin, beaches 3 hours from Bangkok

This Thai town is 200 km from Bangkok and is famous for being one of the favourite retreats of the Thai Royal Family.
It has an excellent infrastructure for tourists and a large number of resorts and condominiums; in fact, many Bangkok city dwellers have their holiday homes here.

Hua Hin beach.

This is a destination of sun and sand in the Gulf of Thailand.

Hua Hin town.

How to get

By bus from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Southern Line).
It takes around three hours.

By train from Hua Lamphong, it takes a little more than four hours.

Hua Hin beach.

As you travel through Thailand, you’ll come across many unexpected things. Learning about their significance and the stories behind them will make your trip even more fascinating 😀

Hua Hin lies on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand with a population of around 90,000 inhabitants, its two sources of wealth are typical of coastal areas: tourism and fishing.

Hua Hin beach.
Hua Hin beach.
Hua Hin beach.

It has been a tourist destination for Thais for a long time, partly because of its proximity to Bangkok and also because the Royal Family has been holidaying here since the beginning of the last century. In fact, it boasts the country’s first-holiday beach resorts to be built.

Hua Hin beach.

More recently it has become increasingly popular with foreign tourists in search of sun and sand.

Hua Hin beach.
Hua Hin downtown.
Hua Hin.

Today Hua Hin combines the typical urban layout of a Thai coastal town, featuring commercial and civic construction around its fishing port, with the development of tourism infrastructures in the town centre and along the coast.

One of the particularities of Hua Hin is that it has many windy days which attracts sailing and surfing enthusiasts and has made its beaches a venue for the World Kite-surfing Championship.
Other attractions are its superb golf courses and beach horse-riding experiences.

Hua Hin street market.
Hua Hin street market.
Hua Hin street market.
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Hua Hin beaches 3 hours from Bangkok
The presence of the monarchy gave renown to this beach destination 🌊 An extensive coast with tourist centres and long beaches ⛱️ where visitors can sunbathe and practice sailing sports.
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