The Golden Mountain & The Wat Saket

Bangkok lies next to the mouth of the river Chao Phraya, on a flat area where there are no natural hills to offer panoramic views of the city.

Opening hours: 09h00 – 17h00

Golden Mountain and Wat Saket.
Golden Mountain and Wat Saket

In addition to the buildings that stand out against the city’s horizon, the Golden Mountain and the Wat Saket on the top offers the perfect opportunity to take in this fascinating landscape.

The Golden Mountain.
The Golden Mountain
The Golden Mountain.
The Golden Mountain
Interior of the stupa, Wat Saket.
Interior of the stupa, Wat Saket

The hill crowned by Wat Saket is man-made. Previous temple constructions that with the passing of time crumbled and became covered with earth ended up forming the current mountain.

Bangkok from the Wat Saket.
Bangkok from the Wat Saket

In the time of King Rama III in the 19th century, the soft, loose soil of Bangkok gave way causing a stupa of great dimensions to collapse during its construction because the unstable terrain just could not support its enormous weight.

Since then successive kings of this dynasty have participated in renovating the temple and building today’s stupa, that houses a relic of the Buddha brought from India.

The concrete walls that surround the stupa help to stabilise the mountain and prevent it from eroding away.
The Golden Mountain and Wat Saket have become one of the city’s most prized symbols.

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The Golden Mountain & The Wat Saket
Interesting for its aerial view and not far from the Grand Palace what makes it easier to incorporate it into your Bangkok itinerary. Take a look here to decide if it's worth a visit.
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