The striking museum Siriraj of forensic medicine

This museum offers an interesting tour that looks at the different causes of death and ways of dying and gives us an idea about the risks that living entails.

Siriraj Medical Museum.
Siriraj Medical Museum.

Its origin and main function are linked to university courses although it is an interesting place both for the local community and occasional travellers.

A visit to the museum helps us to reflect on the fragility of life in natural settings and in our modern society.

Link to the museum website.

Siriraj Medical Museum

The video provides a brief introduction to the museum to arouse your interest.

Siriraj Medica Museum.
Siriraj Medica Museum
Siriraj Medical Museum.
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The striking museum of forensic medicine Siriraj
This museum is curious and interesting for those who have a link with health sciences, but it is also a reflection on the fragility of life. It tackles the multiple ways to die.
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Manuel Francisco Jalรณn

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