Sala Rim Naam, exclusive dinner with a dance show

On 24 May 1888, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel held a great banquet in honour of Queen Victoria, on the occasion of her jubilee anniversary and shortly after King Chulalongkorn offered a dinner in honour of Prince Nicholas of Russia, in March 1891.

Sala Rim Naam.

Two exceptional events in the unique history of this hotel give us an idea of its luxury and glamour. If you would like to treat yourself to a very special dinner where traditional dances are performed, this is a great opportunity.

The Mandarin Oriental hotel, next to the river Chao Phraya, is one of Bangkokโ€™s most emblematic and luxurious hotels.

Sala Rim Naam.
Sala Rim Naam

It has had a very interesting and singular history over the past two centuries: firstly as a rendezvous for merchants and adventurers and later as a hotel that was chosen by numerous illustrious visitors such as Princess Grace of Monaco, the astronaut Neil Armstrong or the film director Alfred Hitchcock.
The hotel restaurant on the right bank of the river offers truly succulent evening meals while diners enjoy traditional Thai dance performances.

Mandarin Oriental hotel.
Mandarin Oriental hotel
Shuttle boat, Mandarin Oriental.
Shuttle boat, Mandarin Oriental
Sala Rim Naam.
Sala Rim Naam

If you are in Bangkok and would like to experience a highly exotic, splendid oriental setting, dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel is one of the best ways to do so.

Link to the Sala Rim Naam website.

Sala Rim Naam.
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Sala Rim Naam, exclusive dinner with a dance show
In the historic Mandarin Oriental hotel, perhaps the most emblematic in Bangkok. Dinner is tasty and fancy and is accompanied by varied traditional dances.
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Manuel Francisco Jalรณn

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