Hiring a long-tail boat, useful tips

Surely you have heard about the delightful beaches and islands in the Gulf of Thailand and, especially, in the Andaman Sea. They can be visited as part of a tour joining a group or on a private tour, whenever it is possible and convenient.

Here we provide information and some tips about hiring one long-tail boat, useful in case this is your first trip to the Thailand coasts.

Longtail boats on the shore of the beach.

As expected they do not have a fixed price and varies greatly from one season to another, depending on whether the demand goes up or down.

The previous day, check the weather forecast before making the reservation, and if it is not good it is better to postpone it for another day. Be cautious.

Obviously, rental includes the driver and is not very expensive, especially if the expenses are shared among several friends.

You can hire them directly off the beach or at one of the travel agencies to be found in the coastal locality. The first choice would be to negotiate the price directly with the boatman, and that may save you a few baht. In any case, it has its charm.

Private tours with a long-tail boat.
Long-tail boat sailing in the Andaman Sea.
Long-tail boats stranded in a tropical beach.

However, if this is your first trip to the Thailand beaches, we prefer to advise you to charter them through one of the agencies you will find on the street.

It is true that you will probably pay an extra commission that could otherwise be saved, but if you do calculations, the difference is minor. On the other hand, the advantage is that you can better prepare the excursion and will have greater protection as a client.

Long-tail boat on a private tour.

In the following video we tell you the most important things to keep in mind about this topic, easy and convenient. You can get acquainted with these typical Thai boats in a way that makes it easier for you to enjoy an unforgettable day.

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Hiring a long-tail boat, useful tips
We provide information and some tips about hiring a long-tail boat on the Thailand beaches to explore amazing paradises in the sea, on your own pace.
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Manuel Francisco Jalรณn

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