Koh Samet in the Gulf of Thailand, beaches near Bangkok

Koh Samet is a small island located in the Gulf of Thailand, not far from Bangkok. Its quiet and family-oriented beaches play host to Thai city dwellers and tourists from other countries alike.

Koh Samet.

It is elongated in shape and resembles a stiletto heel, while inland it has dirt roads that lead down to the various beaches and coves.
The short video available can help you to get a good idea of this island.

Koh Samet
Koh Samet.

The ideal way to reach Ban Phe from Bangkok is by bus or taxi. If you are travelling in a rented car, then you will have to leave it in a car park in one of the towns opposite the island.

Koh Samet.

Getting there by bus

There are air-conditioned buses to Ban Phe that depart from the East Bus Terminal in Bangkok (Ekamai) on Sukhumvit Road every hour from 05h00 to the evening.

Koh Samet.
Koh Samet.

From Bangkok to Rayong (20km to Ban Phe) there are buses that also depart from the East Bus Terminal in Bangkok (Ekamai) and the North and Northeast stations (Mochit) every day.
The trip takes about 3 hours, about 220 km southeast of Bangkok.

Koh Samet.

It has delightful beaches that run along a stretch of coastline facing east.

As it is dedicated to tourism, it has all of the hotel and catering services that visitors typically require on holiday; however, as it is rather small, the best thing is to check availability before taking the boat or, another option is to go back to the mainland to spend the night.

Koh Samet.
Koh Samet.

Activities available on the island include snorkelling, fishing, beach games and boat trips.

Koh Samet Island is relatively dry; there is less rainfall than in other nearby places in the same province.
The rain season is from May to October. January is the driest month.

Koh Samet.
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Koh Samet, beaches near Bangkok
The island is close to the coast, so it is an interesting destination if you have a couple of days to go to the beach and do not want to waste time on transfers. A family destination.
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