Khao Lak, an extensive coastline with your beach

Khao Lak has a coastline that stretches over 15,5 miles or 25 km and numerous beautiful beaches to stroll along. It is an excellent destination for people who want to get away from the crowds and discover their favourite hideaway beach.

Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak.
Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak

This area is part of the province of Phang Nga and can be reached directly by bus or by taking a plane to Phuket International Airport in the northern part of the island and then continuing by road to the chosen accommodation.

Thap Lamu Harbour, Khao Lak.
Thap Lamu Harbour, Khao Lak
Main Road of Khao Lak.
Main Road of Khao Lak
2004 Tsunami Memorial Ship.
2004 Tsunami Memorial Ship

How to get

By plane

Fly to Phuket airport and take a taxi or minivan from there.
Check the airlines in the section of Means of transport.

Maritime links

ยป Tiger Line Ferry (combo ticket)
ยป Phi Phi Ferry

Nang Tong Beach, Khao Lak.
Nang Tong Beach, Khao Lak
Khao Lak Beach.
Khao Lak Beach
Khao Lak Beach.
Khao Lak Beach
Similan Island Beach.
Similan Island Beach

By bus

From the bus terminal in Bangkok (Southern Station).
We always recommend a VIP bus with air conditioning. The departure is in the afternoon travelling at night.

Khao Lak Beach.

Along the miles of coastline, there are several scattered towns and a road that runs parallel to the sea with successive detours, trails and roads that lead to beaches and resorts. As you can imagine, they anything but crowded and there are stretches of the coast that are almost deserted.

Opposite the sea, the mountains mark the boundary to this strip of land.

In addition to the range of activities available in Khao Lak, you can also take a boat or speedboat from the port of Thap Lamuย to the Similan Islands National Park, an archipelago of extraordinary beauty and an excellent diving area.

Khuk Khak Beach, Khao Lak.
Khuk Khak Beach, Khao Lak

From Kao Lak you can also take a day trip to the famous islands of Tachai and Surin and, in some cases, stay overnight if you wish.

This place is the part of Thailand that was most affected by the Tsunami in 2004. The miles of coast open to the Andaman sea and the flatness of the inland area were exposed to the full force of the quake – a danger that they were not prepared for at that time.

Khao Lak has numerous attractions and a good selection of day and night activities if we consider that it is not far from Phuket and from Khao Sok National Park.

Nevertheless, as it does not have a large urban centre, the ambience is quiet and family-oriented.

Main road, Khao Lak.
Main road of Khao Lak

The monsoon rains arrive in this area from April to October. January and February are the driest months.

Restaurant in Khao Lak.
Restaurant in Khao Lak.
Shops in Khao Lak.
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