Erawan National Park, a refreshing dip

Erawan is one of the closest protected nature reserves to Bangkok.
It is a low mountain National Park, with peaks of up to one thousand metres (3300 feet). It is covered by forests rich in wildlife and numerous waterfalls, where visitors can have fun swimming. A healthy outdoor recreational alternative, especially during hot days or when travelling with children.

It is possible to visit it in the day, but keep in mind that you will spend many hours in the minivan on the way and return, so overnight in Kanchanaburi is a good option.

Erawan Waterfalls.
Erawan Waterfalls

During the rainy season, especially in September and October, intense storms can turn the colour of the water into dark brown; even swimming is forbidden. It is advisable to check it before starting the excursion, in the following telephone numbers or through the Internet.

T. 0.3457.4222
T. 0.3457.4722
T. 0.3457.4234

From February on, the park is a little drier until the arrival of the rains in May, although it is when the bath is most appreciated. Excellent choice from November to February.

Erawan National Park
Waterfall, Erawan National Park
Waterfall, Erawan National Park

Getting there by Bus
There are Kanchanaburi to Erawan buses running from Saeng Chu Tho Road to Srinakarin Dam Market every day. It takes around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Getting there by Train
There are two trains from Bangkok Noi Railway Station to Kanchanaburi every day. Both stop at Kanchanaburi, the Bridge of the River Kwai, Tha Kilen, and Nam Tok stations. Departure time: 07h50 am and 13h45.
Kanchanaburi Railway Station phone: 0.3451.1285. Update timetable here.

Waterfall, Erawan National Park.
Waterfall, Erawan National Park

The deciduous woodland that covers part of the park is home to many species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds. The woods are populated with elephants, tigers, deers, wild boars and squirrels. These can be difficult to see, but one animal youโ€™re almost sure to spot is the gibbon.

The waterfalls cascade down several levels over a distance of 1500 metres. There are also caves that you can visit in the park.
As you can see from these images, this is a beautiful place to enjoy a dip with friends and family: a tempting way to cool off on a hot day.
So donโ€™t forget to bring your swimsuits with you!

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Erawan National Park, a refreshing dip
Ideally, if possible, spend at least one night on the Kwai River and go for a dip in the morning. There are more propitious seasons than others, here we inform you.
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