The Wat Pho, English audio guide

You will only need headphones and Wi-Fi to access the audio guide through your mobile phone.

The tour takes place outdoors, where the phone screen is not entirely useful. For this reason, we have divided the audio guide into 3 successive videos, one for each terrace plus the introduction, in order to make it easier to use. Additionally, at the end of each video, we provide verbal instructions on how to get to the next terrace.

Each terrace corresponds to a video (audio guide + map), except for the introduction which can be listened to at any time, before starting the tour.
The terraces are numbered with letters, for example, TERRACE A.

Article Name
The Wat Pho, audio-guide in English for free.
It consists of audios 🎧 and a map with the stops in which to listen to the explanations, this way you will make the most of the visit 😁.
Publisher Name
Manuel Francisco Jalón

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